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The activity of MLL Leppävaara


We arrange various events and locally by volunteer work. 

Our organization withholds among other things sports clubs and an art club. We also arrange a flea market for children’s clothes and accessories once or twice a year.

Join us in carrying out different ideas and activities.

Let´s work together for the good of children, youth and families with children.

More information- send email: mll.leppavaara(a)

Arts club

Arts clubs are directed at every child who is interested in visual arts regardless of their skill-level. At these courses children learn to get familiar with various different techniques of visual arts: drawing (coal, chalk, pencil), painting (ready mixed, aquarelle, mixed technique) designing (clay, junk sculpturing, papier-mâché) and contemporary arts by the use of pictures and stories. The goal of these courses is to develop perception and the sense of form and colour.

Our association has groups in Leppävaara and Kilo.

For more information and signing up at the arts clubs’ own website


Family cafe, family club

Mannerheim League for Child Welfares Family cafes are set up by the local association and serve as meeting places that are open for everyone. In the family café children and adults meet each other and act together. Children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and other adults close to the child are warmly welcome to join!

Family Cafe focuses on free discussion. Every now and then a visitor is invited to outline a discussion about a topic that’s planned together. The Family cafes main point is that the design of tasks and allocation of responsibilities is carried out together with visitors and employees.

The idea of the Family Club is to provide parents/grandparents and children a place to meet people and to have a chat and a cup of coffee. Children have an opportunity to play with each other.


Flea markets


MLL Leppävaara arranges the popular flea market for children’s clothes and accessories in the spring and by the end of the fall.

From our flea market you can find everything from swimsuits to skates, clothes from baby to school kids and toys, games as well as books.

The flea market-tables will be provided primarily for the members of MLL Leppävaara local association.

There is a huge amount of objects and items for sale on our flea markets. The extra-stuff can be donated for charity.